SPQ*GOLD®: The Call Reluctance Scale®

Laser sharp and amazingly accurate, this objective psychometric instrument answers a very simple question: "Will this person prospect or self-promote?" The answer is the difference between a genuine candidate and an expense. The test reports are used in the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop®.

Sales managers use these tests to evaluate prospective sales people and to plan the development of their current staff. It is a very valuable recruiting and development tool for sales managers.

What Does SPQ*GOLD® Measure?

  • The amount of physical energy a person brings to his or her career;
  • Their goal levels and how focused these goals are;
  • Which of the 12 types of Call Reluctance® they have,
    and how much.

What Does SPQ*GOLD® Have To Do With Hiring Sales People?

SPQ*GOLD® is a psychometric test but the application is NOT psychological. The application is pure business. We want to know if the sales person is going to get out there and prospect or not. If the answer is no, there is no point in even talking further.

How Does SPQ*GOLD® Help To Develop Sales People?

Once you know what someone is afraid of, you know how to solve their root sales problems and how to help them sell better and faster.

Do You Provide Management Reports?

Yes! These management reports highlight the positives and cautions. It also provides tips on how to manage the person. This is an exclusive for clients of Sales Academy.

How Does SPQ*GOLD® Compare With Other Psychometric Tests?

Most tests measure personality traits such as intelligence, empathy, dominance, etc. These are called "Are" tests - they measure what people 'are'. The SPQ*GOLD® is a "Do" test -- it measures what people are likely to 'do' in different sales situations. This means the SPQ*GOLD® should come first because it helps establish candidacy for the sales position. Only if a person is a valid candidate, does it make financial sense to spend money on other testing instruments and other hiring processes.

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