Fear Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop®

This is the only effective workshop for Sales Call Reluctance®. This unique one-day workshop helps sales people understand how one or more of the 12 types of Call Reluctance® can sabotage their careers. They learn to manage them so they no longer prevent them from achieving sales success. Each person receives a Personal Prescription Profile® based on his or her test scores. These personal prescriptions show them very practical methods to eliminate the fears that have habitually held their careers hostage.

Does This Workshop Make Any Difference to the Bottom Line?

Numerous pre and post workshop studies have shown that this workshop makes an enormous difference to the bottom line. Think about it. If your salespeople called on more customers or potential customers without fear, how much of that could be translated into additional sales?

Are there Specific Strategies for Dealing with Each Call Reluctance® Type?

Yes. This is why it is important to know which type you are dealing with. Some strategies work well for some types but have no effect on others. Sales Academy teaches the right strategies for the sales person, as well as management strategies for the sales manager.

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