Call Reluctance® Research

In cooperation with Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Sales Academy offers a research consulting service upon request. Different sales organizations are affected by different Call Reluctance® problems. This research attaches a dollar-metric to the costs of particular Call Reluctance® types in an organization. This enables the managers to know what high-cost problems to attack first.

Corrective action, such as compensatory hiring, can be undertaken to eliminate Call Reluctance© from an organization. Complete company profiles as well as segmented profiles are created from test scores and other data. This allows the company to create very useful company and even job-specific profiles such as those for high, medium and low performers.

Who Is This For?

Clients that are already using SPQ*GOLD®.

What Kind and What Is the Result of This Research?

Many types of research can be done using the Call Reluctance® Program and other data. The research is always company specific. It involves an overall analysis of the sales or other people in an organization.

One result is a dollar evaluation of what each type of Call Reluctance® is costing the company. For example, most of the people in an organization may have a problem with over-preparing. This may indicate a corporate culture that could be contributing to the problem. The research studies show the organization which problems to focus on first. Included in the analysis are recommendations on how to fix the problems. Managers can then act based on specific Sales Academy recommendations.

Can This Research Result In Weighted Priorities For Sales Hiring Decisions?

Yes - it is a major effort. Our clients tell us IT MAKES MONEY for them.

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