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Call Reluctance®

One of the root causes of poor sales is fear. Over 25 years of pioneering research by world-renowned behavioral scientists, George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson, have shown that sales people typically manifest this fear in one of twelve avoidance behaviors. Sales people AVOID following through on sales (or even initiating that first contact) by diverting themselves into unproductive activities.

This is Sales Call Reluctance® and it puts promising sales careers on permanent hold. This program rapidly identifies and eliminates Call Reluctance®.

Sales Academy has Certified Instructors for the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop® in the United States.

The Call Reluctance® Program consists of:

Testing Pre-Employment and Pre-Workshop Testing
Workshops The Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop®
Management Training 3 day Management Workshop in Dallas and Singapore
Research Services Company-specific research upon request

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Call Reluctance, the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Workshop and all related terms are copyrights and/or registered trademarks of Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Dallas, Texas. Sales Academy, Inc. is an Advanced Authorized Dealer for the Call Reluctance® Program. Frank Lee is an expert on Call Reluctance®.

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