"Frank Lee, on his own, chose to fully acquaint himself with our industry, particularly at the retail level. He spent considerable time with Ag sales people calling on farmers. He observed first hand the good, the poor and the indifferent to retail sales. The result of Frank's work became the now legendary Successful Dealer Behaviors Program and his book P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F."
Bob Honzik
Former Division Manager
John Deere Company, MN
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"P.A.S.S. C.A.L.F. -- 8 Behaviors of Sales Success in an Agricultural Dealership"
  by Frank Lee

The only sales book available specifically for the agricultural implement dealer sales person. It has applications in other industries too. It forms part of the sales training curriculum of a national financial organization. ALSO AVAILABLE ON AUDIOCASSETTE.

"Earning What You're Worth: The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance"
  by George W. Dudley & Shannon L. Goodson

The most comprehensive book ever written on the fears that prevent sales people from achieving their true potential. EVERY sales person and sales manager should read this book.

"Managing Iron Salepeople: How to Manage Salespeople in an Ag Dealership"
  by Frank Lee

Everything the sales manager of an agricultural implement industry needs to properly manage and grow a dynamic sales force. This very comprehensive guide will help the sales manager to implement good practices to develop a profitable sales department in a dealership.

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