Call Reluctance® Derails Sales Training
by Frank Lee

Some salespeople attend workshops and increase sales dramatically. Most salespeople in the same workshops record only moderate, if any, successes. Other professionals attend courses to increase skills and abilities -- and they do. Salespeople, given the same opportunities, fail to take the same advantage. It's not that they do not want to, or are less capable.

Most salespeople fail because they are emotionally unable to do the things you teach them. This is Call Reluctance®. It not only hurts in the field; it prevents learning in your workshop.

Understanding Call Reluctance® is important from a training perspective. Here is a brief overview of how the 12 types of Call Reluctance® can hurt your sales workshop.

Doomsayer™ - Always sees the worst case scenario. Hates ice breaking exercises and will crawl into a shell if prematurely asked to participate.

Over-Preparer™ - Spends more time preparing than prospecting. Hates hype. Persuaded by logic. Cold and distant in workshops. Frowns often. Makes trainers feel they have done something wrong.

Hyper-Pro™ - Obsessed with image and credibility. Has difficulty seeing the relevancy of the workshop for self. Hovers in a patronizing role.

Stage Fright™ - Fears group presentations. Secretly dreads role-play activities. Freezes when asked to address the class.

Role Rejection™- Covers secret shame of sales career by acting over-positive. Appears to respond to motivational-type workshops and pays lip service to anything that sounds positive.

Yielder™ - Fears intruding on others. Agrees with instructor and others so as not to appear quarrelsome. Gossips and undermines during breaks. Favors relationship selling sales courses that actually reinforce the habit.

Social Self-Consciousness™- Intimidated by up-market clients. Agrees in workshop on techniques and strategies to contact up-market clients but has already ruled them off-limits. Has no intention of using any techniques in this market.

Separationist™ - Considers calling on friends unprofessional. Views any sales program that teaches this unprofessional and tunes out.

Unemancipated™ - Cannot call on family members. Views any program that advocates this unprofessional and tunes out.

Referral Aversion™ - Resists asking for referrals. Has every intention of practicing techniques taught but will conveniently forget them in the field. May even advise others on how to ask for referrals.

Telephobia™- Fears using the telephone for self-promotion or selling. One-on-one selling favored. Looking for 'silver bullet' approach and disappointed when not offered.

Oppositional Reflex™- Distracted by emotions. Critiques everything. Asks questions for effect. Disruptive in workshops. Arrives ceremoniously late.

Fortunately, savvy trainers have learned how to deal with these behaviors and make sure even the Call Reluctant students learn.

One way for trainers to learn how to deal with these behaviors is to attend the Fear-Free Prospecting and Self-Promotion Management Training Workshop® obtained through Sales Academy.

Adapted from "Earning What You're Worthω The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance©" by George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson, © 1992, 1995, Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc., Dallas, TX. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Used with permission.

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